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Cranky Pants is an herbal tea blend designed to help women maintain a balanced mood. Combining Ashwaganda and Lemon Balm into a soothing beverage, the tea stimulates neurotransmitter activity in the body to promote relaxation and improved mental clarity, giving you a natural way to improve your emotional wellbeing.


Ingredients:  Dried apple, ashwaganda root, tulsi, lemon balm, St. John’s wart, butterfly pea flower, marigold petals, pure extract.


2.5 oz bag | 30 Servings l Herbal Tea | steep for 5-6 minutes 

THe Natural Mama Co.

Some of my fondest memories, are sitting in my mothers antique red velvet chairs looking through all her nature books. I have lived in the PNW my whole life,. My mother taught me to forage the land, and the medicinal properties of herbs since I was a child. For years my mother pushed me to create this business, I told her she was "crazy" but little did I know, I was the crazy one! August of 2018, when the Elderberries were perfectly ripe for the picking, I finally gave in. I made an extra large batch of my Elderberry syrup and offered it for sale. Now here I am, years later, with a thriving small business.

I pride myself on the quality of my products, I use only the finest, organic ingredients. The Natural Mama Co is women-owned and operated.



This stuff is the real deal. My family and I have been taking this for a couple years now. We have avoided getting sick during flu season. Even on the onset of feeling something come on this is the first thing I reach for. The syrup is so delicious it’s easy to pour over pancakes and waffles for a fun change from regular syrup. With speedy delivery and the knowledge of The Natural Mama I haven’t found anything that compares!

Gig Harbor, WA

I honestly believe the Natural Mama is one of the reasons I've made it through the first year of mama-hood with minimal sickness between me and my son who turns one tomorrow!

She is great about making syrup thats honey free for the babes too!💜

Thank you for what you do!!

Kent, WA

Elderberry Apple Cider Vinegar

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