About Me

My name is Natasha, I am The Natural Mama. I am a Stay At Home Mother to my 3 AMAZING, beautiful children. Natural Medicine has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite things to do as a child was sit in this big red velvet Victorian chair that my mother has and look through her books. I grew up learning all about herbs and how to forage for what Mother Earth provides. I was raised on natural medicine, when we got sick as kids, out came the Elderberry Syrup and Herbal Tea! I take great pride and genuinely enjoy working with and incorporating herbs into our everyday lives.

I started this little business on a whim, I have always been very cautious about whom I talk to about the Natural Remedies I work with. One day, I decided that I would make an extra large batch of Elderberry Syrup and post it for sale on my local Facebook Group. I would soon find out just how many likeminded people I actually knew! From that day, my little business has been growing and expanding and now I operate as a fully licensed business here in the state of Washington.

Thank you so much for shopping with The Natural Mama Co. when you shop small, You help a mom pay for ballet lessons or new clothing for a very fast growing little boy! 
Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, I am always available!