Be More With Tea

Be More With Tea

So many yummy new loose leaf teas just for YOU.

It has been so fun creating so many new tea's for your enjoyment. My first tea started with "Lazy day" which is the Elderberry Tea! I constantly would sell out of the tea, so I went to work and made many new delicious tea's that have been such a HIT! My goal was to make the tea's flavor profile over the moon, I wanted the smell to be potent and for it to taste as amazing as it smells! Each and every loose leaf tea is handcrafted. Three ounces is added and sealed to end up in your kitchen or in your work office for you to enjoy twenty-five plus cups.


Strawberry Bliss

If you love the taste and smell of strawberries, than Strawberry Bliss is for you. It taste like you just stuck a straw in a strawberry and drank that up! It won’t fail to make your kitchen smell like a dreamy strawberry field. This loose leaf white tea's ingredients are Hibiscus, Lemon grass, Basil, Rose hips, Red raspberry leaf, and of course Strawberries. This tea is yummy to enjoy with or without some honey, though if you add just a dash of honey, when you couldn’t think it could’ve been any better, it brings together the flavors much more! A tea like you’ve never tasted before! This tea is going to be a highlight to your summer and spring months enjoying it hot or cold!


Lavender Earl Gray

Ditch your morning cup of coffee for this delicious black tea! Imagine waking up to the smell of everything lavender to start your day. It’s profile for its taste and smell is over the moon dreamy. With a dash of honey, it highlights the ingredients even more than you could’ve imagined! The ingredients for this loose leaf black tea are French Lavender, Orange peel, Blue corn flowers, Vanilla, and Bergamot oil. If you need a sense of relaxation or an itch for some caffeine Lavender Earl Gray will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.






Add one to two teaspoons of tea to 8 to 10oz of boiling water.

Steep for six to seven minutes.

Once finished pour and add some Elderberry Infused Raw Honey for sweetener!

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